Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Good 'Ol Days!




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Even three weeks after completing our goal, I am daily remembering something about our journey. It may be hearing something in the news about a town we went through, seeing a small airplane or hearing a stream nearby. But, every memory is a good one. Somehow the cold days, the exhaustion or the noisy traffic are long forgotten and are replaced with the sense of freedom that only cycling brings me. What I don't understand is this: Why do people live as though they will never die and die as though they never lived?

If I could pick three days to ride over out of our 18 stages, they would be the section from Hermiston to Spray, Spray to John Day and John Day to Riley. You will not find more secluded and beautiful roads to explore. From forests and 4500' summits to unique geology and clear streams to entertain your senses, this is bicycling at its best. The towns are interspersed at convenient intervals and the drivers go out of there way to give a wide berth...unlike Medford.

The thought I keep ruminating on is how day after day I just rode my bicycle, in the moment (I have been living 'in the moment' even when it wasn't cool). On the last day, perhaps 10 miles from the border, I began to realize, "I really am going to do this". After arriving at the finish, it sank in that this is over. Wow! 18 days, 1577.3 miles, 7 days of 100 miles or more and 3 of 97 miles, so let's just round it to 10 centuries. For weeks I just pedaled not understanding how I was chipping away at a larger goal...and that's how life is. We go through seasons of prosperity or drought, but we just keep chipping away at it, one day at a time. I am so glad that GOD is a part of my life's journey.