Thursday, February 4, 2010

Canada to Mexico

There will be four riders attempting this journey: John, Zach and a friend of Zach's who I have yet to meet. It has been decided we will ride from the Canadian border to Mexico east of the Cascades in Washington and Oregon; then likely riding east of the Sierras into Nevada and back into California ending in San Diego. The time commitment for a Pacific to Atlantic route was too much for all of us, so North to South it is! And that is still a legit ride across the country.

I hadn't said a word about my desire to ride across America when John dropped the idea last November. I told my wife, Karen, and without hesitating, she said, "let's do this". Immediately, I knew it was meant to be. Wow! about support.

John is an amazing guy in his mid 50's who is certifiably hyperactive. We have ridden around Crater Lake and to the coast, ski and snowboarded at Bachelor and Ashland, kayaked in the San Juans, snowshoed, backpacked and more. He has unlimited energy and we share a love of books. As a father, he has traveled the road ahead of me and I ask him questions about raising kids frequently...I think of him as my big brother.