Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic wrap-up

Today is the final day of the Vancouver Olympics and I'm still pretty jazzed about having been there. It was an amazing experience I will remember forever. I have always loved sports and admire the dedication, focus and inner drive the elite athlete possesses. Watching the U.S.-Canada hockey game today, you knew it wasn't about playing for a paycheck in the NHL. It was for a medal hanging on a ribbon...and none of them wanted to be the first loser and collect silver.

I rode 42 miles in 2 hours today. Now it was supposed to be a recovery day after yesterday's effort, but when I arrived at the start, I knew it would be work. Brad Earl, Richard Hogan and Mark DiTommaso are strong riders and they like pain...I just tolerate it. But, Brad reminded me, "That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger". I think he really believes it....

A rider joined us the last 10 miles of the day. She is a pro bicycle racer in her 20's named Allie. Did you catch that? She's earning a living racing a bicycle! Training camp, then racing in Europe and the Tour de France Feminin. She has dreams and I would love to see her succeed, just as some of the Olympic athletes I got to see.

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