Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Ready!

You're onboard for a Saturday morning club ride. It's April and 40 degrees, so you dress for the weather and get going. This ride started with 11 riders and ended with 5; the tempo was medium fast for 65 miles @ an average speed of 19.5 mph. There were a few steady climbs, but nothing too hard and a ripping descent that turned into a race, more or less.

This is why I love cycling...look at the terrain over my shoulder. In Southern Oregon, it doesn't take long to be on a country road and most cars give you a wide berth. I like seeing snow-capped mountains and hearing the Rogue River from Lost Creek to Shady Cove. I like riding with fast guys who work hard and are willing to help each other. I like the smell of pine trees and the freedom the sport brings.

As of this post, THE RIDE is 3 weeks away. I sense the anticipation building from the other riders and myself for our journey. We're looking forward to riding new roads, accomplishing a huge goal, seeing sunsets, cementing stronger friendships and just disappearing for awhile. Sounds great to me!
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