Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fund Raising for The Protector's

One of my best friends, Paul Coughlin, travels around the country educating elementary to high school students about Bullying. He has developed a curriculum that educates kids about the power they have as a bystander. They alone, or preferably united with others, can say, "No...stop that...that's wrong!" and put the brakes on a bullies behavior.

The stories Paul shares are heartbreaking and they don't have to happen. By now, you have heard about teens committing suicide because they are mercilessly bullied, assaulted, demeaned and taunted...and grade school students bullied sexually. These poor kids are afraid to go to school to face another day, so much so that they feel living is not worth it. With cell phones, texting and Facebook or other social media, the harassment is 24/7. FBI statistics show 85% of school shooters were bullied. The problem is worse than you think.

I wanted this ride to be about more than achieving a personal goal. In a small way, we can bring awareness to this serious problem kids face. Please consider sponsoring one of us or contribute directly to: