Saturday, May 1, 2010

KOBI interview promoting The Protector's

Yesterday morning I received a call from KOBI TV requesting an interview about our ride from border to border. All morning long I was ruminating over what I would say...they wanted five minutes for the Newsmakers segment, which is a long time for a half hour news broadcast. I was a bundle of nerves leading up to the conversation with the reporter, but once we began filming, things calmed down. He gave me some 'softball' questions, which made it easy to just converse and forget about the cameras. If you have ever seen one of these local yocals talk about how they grow flax and why they love to blend it in a smoothie, then they look around aimlessly...well now I know why they do that. There is a lot of cool stuff to look at! The sets, lights, cameras and green wall. The reporter was great; he kept the tone very positive and showed interest in what we were doing, as well as highlighting the problem of bullying in schools. The segment will air Tuesday or Wednesday @ 5:00 next week. I will post a link after it airs, because I'll likely be riding when it's broadcast.

Today I rode an hour with Zach, the young man who came up with this idea. He is always so calm and focused. Even with a minimal amount of training, he is determined to do this. By now, it is too late to cram for this test because it is only 3 days away.

My good friend, Rich, will be joining us to ride across Washington and perhaps beyond. Rich & I go way back and this is an adventure I'm thrilled we can share. Someday I want to stand on the top of Mt. Hood with him....
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