Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Think We Are in Nevada





We left our ghost town campout in Ravendale in the best weather of the trip thus far and Rich rode the first 25 miles of the day with us. We found a spot to photo our symbolic midpoint @ 778 miles under a rugged ranch entrypoint as we looked ahead at snow-capped mountains we would be riding past throughout the day. It is the coolest thing to look down the road as far as you can see and chip away at it one pedal stroke at a time.

Past Standish, we saw the elusive Rastagoat. Right after taking this pic, he went into a shack and smoke escaped the roof...wonder what he was doing in there? In photo 3, pro teams were setting up for a race this weekend. Can you imagine racing a motorcycle on this hillside? That's gutty. Heading south on 395, I saw a cairn missing it's top, so I climbed up to finish the job right.

Tim has been great this trip. He has been suffering with a knee problem and hasn't ridden much the last 5 days, but he has a servants heart. He endures Griffin's unlimited shenanigans, takes awesome photos, helps tidy the trailer and keeps supplying the riders with proper food & hydration. He is sticking with us all the way to San Diego.

We finished the day in Bordertown, CA or NV, I don't know which. I never saw a sign welcoming us to this fine state, but google maps tells me you have made it to state number 4. It looks the same as what I have been riding through the last two days. You decide.
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