Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Riding the Tradewinds


I had a difficult time paring the photos to four today (internet speed is slow so it takes a while to blog). There were enormous changes in the environment we saw in our 101 miles cycling today. For the day, I averaged an astounding 19 mph.

We woke to snow, 27 degrees and strong winds from the south...can't ride in that. By 10:00, conditions were evolving to our advantage. Ron & I rolled out at 11:00 with cloudy, but dry conditions, 45 degrees and a slight tailwind. Within one mile, the road turned a little left and we caught the tradewinds riding 22 effortless miles in under an hour. Rich & John joined us and the terrain changed from sagebrush to alkali lakes and soaring cliffs dusted with was spectacular to see. There is very little traffic and everybody passed with a wide berth...except a state trooper.

Then we transitioned to the Oregon Outback; grasslands and valleys. We spotted about 30 antelope feeding, a low flying red-tail hawk and John had two coyotes run in front of him. A cold climb brought us into to Lakeview, where John & Zach caught their ride home. I am really gonna miss my friends; afterall, they planned this event and it won't be the same without them.

I must admit, it is kind of fun to be 'irresponsible' and do something like this. I reccommend anyone reading this to quit wishing and pursue what you have dreamed about doing. It is very rewarding.
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