Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too Much Sagebrush


Finally we start the day with sunny skies. It must have been a balmy 50 degrees when we left Goose Lake campground. Our route today took us south on 395 all day long, which has been a winner...very scenic, remote and good pavement. To our left were snow dusted hills and to the right was the shallow Goose Lake. There were four riders making it to Alturas, our first break. Rich rode 53 miles, leaving Ron & I to finish the stage. We climbed to our highest point of the trip thus far and descended to meet the group at Madeline. I enjoyed the scenery for the first 30 miles, but after that I have seen too much sagebrush. Do NOT buy a vacation home here without seeing it.

Here is where things get interesting. At Madeline, it was decided to stay at Termo, about 14 miles away. Ron got a wild hair and cranked it up to 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32 and holding 33mph as I held his wheel. We had smooth roads, no traffic and a tailwind, so why not? You know, the last 14 miles of the day, let it rip! We got to Termo, a bona fide ghost town, slowed down and didn't see the trailer; so because we're guys we just continued to the next town 6 miles away. No trailer. Hmm. Let's call Dad. Oh, your'e in Termo? We'll ride back. Now we have a headwind and I was spent from the time trialing and I feel horrible. Made it though, but it might cost me tomorrow. Not too smart...because we're not even halfway. 99.5 miles and my shoulder is sore.
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