Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a Day...


Wow! What a day. We started in sun and a gentle tailwind up a 6 mile climb. It wasn't long until clouds gathered and at 25 miles in, we were riding in snow. Zach & Tim had on regular shorts and could have lost there legs to frostbite if we hadn't met our support vehicle at 32 miles. Most people would have called that good and waited for better weather, but not us! After warming up and changing clothing, we hit the road again and were quickly rewarded. The skies improved and the tailwind got stronger. At a viewpoint looking into a large canyon, we got a tip from some travelers to stop at Mom's European Deli in Soap Lake (that's really the name of the town), our next scheduled break.

What a sweet lady! Her name is Nadesha Koslov, she is from The Ukraine and has been in business for 3 years. These 6 smelly bikers walk in and immediately she gave each of us a sample of beef salami. It was excellent...and then we sampled some sweet bread. We were sold and bought swiss cheese while we were at it and that was lunch. This is no sandwich I've ever had. She brought pickles, beef & pork bologna and offered to make tea. She called a family member to come and entertain us as if we were long lost family. So hospitable...what a blessing she was. We dropped over $100. and she still gave us free cookies. If you are ever within 100 miles of Soap Lake, go find Mom and you won't be disappointed.

After lunch, we ripped down a lonely road at 24mph and going through Moses Lake, Ron spotted a Starbucks (this guy pees coffee) and we stopped for a quick break. From there, within 10 miles we had 4 flats. A nail had stabbed my tire and went clean through on one of them.

KOBI TV will air an interview tonight and the link is

Pulling into a Walmart parking lot in Othello, we could smell our dinner a block away. Dad had his trailer set up, with Rich's help, and our meal just about ready. Our mileage today was 112...What a Day!
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