Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weather Delay


We woke to snow 200' above our present elevation and threatening clouds. The ground was soaked and winds were steady @ 18mph from the south...lousy conditions to commence our journey. Our stay last night in Riley(pop. 3) was fun, the proprietors, Dale & Pat Martin, were very friendly and we felt it wise to stay another night due to this present storm. By noon, the highway was dry and the sun even made a brief appearance, so that changed everything. John left by himself with Ron & I leaving maybe 20 minutes behind.

The road is undulating, but you can see straight for at least 10 miles where you are going. A light rain began to fall turning to M & M sized hail when Dad passed us. He slowed to see if we needed to turn back but I waved him on, grinning the whole time. Ron & I were dressed right for the occassion, but at home I would never ride under these circumstances. We finally arrived in Wagontire amassing a paltry 28 miles in two hours and the temp was 38. We never saw John; he had strong legs and an even stronger spirit and that's one of the many things I like about him.

We leaned our bikes up on the hitching post, made a fire and talked for a long time to Marty. He is really the ONLY resident of this town now. And he likes it that way.

I think we have another day of this bogus weather.
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