Monday, May 10, 2010

A Tough Day at the Office

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Our day started without Tim, another casualty to injury (his knee). We rolled out in 40 degree calmness and quickly started a scenic climb of 2000' to the summit in the first photo. It is just beautiful country here! After a short descent, we rode on a plateau of grassland that just went on and on. At the break, John & Rich quit for the day leaving Ron & I to continue. We made it to Burns okay having to don rain jackets, but things got real tough after that.

The last 27 miles took a lot out of me, between wind & rain. If Ron had not pulled most of the way, I would have ended up like the coyote yesterday.

In camp, Dad cooked burgers and buffalo burgers for dinner...just excellent! Zach entertained us with his shooting skills...he has a lot of skills. What's next? Rich is the sharpshooter of the bunch, so don't mess with him. And Karen got to spend Mother's Day with 8 guys...but she never complains. 97 miles.