Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Can Taste the Air!


Today was interesting. Ron, Tim & I left California City around 7:30 and headed toward Mojave. Yesterday and today have been the first days I have really perspired in the 16 days of THE RIDE. The temp was perhaps 88 and I understand it could easily be 100, so we got through the desert quite well sans the windy day on Monday. Passing through Mojave, a train was heading East like us and going 25. Ron revved it up and we actually passed it and continued pulling away. We're working on posting it on YouTube and I'll provide a link for you. Ron thinks it's the coolest thing ever and my wife wonders if anyone will care. You decide. But I think it was so motivating to start a long day with some serious speed.

Our first break was in Lancaster at Starbucks (sorry Lance) where Tim temporarily withdrew. Ron & I found a nice bike path in Palmdale that got us off a busy highway and I photo'd a lone fishing boat in the weeds. I don't know the significance of it, but it's my blog and you're reading it. It wasn't long and we were heading east up a gentle grade with a strong tailwind and we were cruising 18-20mph climbing to 4300' where we actually got to ride the descent that Friday's stage of the Tour of California will be ripping down. I finally busted 50 on this trip...51.7mph (not my fastest since I've been riding) and I'll bet the pro racers will exceed 65. I wish could be there to see that. Tim joined us at the 15 & 138 to descend into Fontana and we quickly realized we were on historic Route 66! The road surface was sure historic.

Because we couldn't ride on the freeway, we meandered to the city on backroads and I don't know what Ron said to the llama, but he was spitting mad. Tim accumulated 71 miles and Ron & I racked up 124.I knew it was going to be like this... the air tastes dirty.
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