Friday, May 14, 2010

Worst Place to Ride-Carson City!


I found out we camped in Nevada last night and you can actually throw a rock to California from our trailer, so that matter is settled. Ron & I rode the 18 miles to Reno to join Rich, Tim, Dad, Karen & Griffin at the National Auto Museum for a change of pace. Tim drove away too fast and left me stranded in the roaring 20's. If you are in the neighborhood, pay the measly $10. and visit this museum. It is very well done and if you bring a man over 70, he will tell you about Petey and his first Ford or Stinky McGoo and how he crashed this or that Dodge. I love the sense of nostalgia old cars can generate. And I just had to include this photo of a '53 Corvette and the toy favorite Corvette model.

We ate lunch at In'N'Out Burger and parted ways with Rich. Dad dropped him off at the airport so now we are down to six in the trailer. Rich is quick to make friends and the guys miss him already. He rode an average of 54 miles a day at our pace...not too shabby for a recreational rider!

Ron & I continued migrating south and rode on an expressway, a county road and a freeway offramp where Ron exceeded 50mph and I had to settle for 46.6. This put us back on 395 through Carson City wherein we encountered the WORST riding of the trip. No bike lanes and cars passing you with that mashing the throttle in anger like, "I hate bicycle riders and they don't belong on any paved rode because I want to get to the next stoplight before they do". Then we see them at the stoplight and it's ALWAYS a guy in his 30's--50's who doesn't like what he sees in the mirror. Every time. This happened 5 times in Carson City and once in Minden. When some washed up guy almost hit me, Ron caught him, followed him into a gas station and gave him firm instructions on how to drive safely around cyclists. I reinforced it and we left. The idiot knew he was wrong and had no words of brilliance. Don't bother riding a road bike sucks.

Oh yeah; we stopped at the state capital and were impressed.
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