Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time


We got an earlier start today and enjoyed 26 miles of riding with maybe 8 cars on the highway. I can see why the Rickert's bring their tours here and I plan on coming back. The roads are smooth and meandering, the sights and sounds are soothing and the people are great. Around every bend is another pastoral scene...except for the coyote. He picked his last fence to jump through.

If you are in this neighborhood some day, you must stop at the John Day Visitor Center(Sheep Rock Unit). There is an interesting museum of fossils and of all it's free. Riding East from here on Highway 26 is another smooth lonely road with more rock that is closer to the roadway so when your going 21-22mph, it feels like you're ripping. Ron & I just had to let the horses run, so he cranked it up to 27mph and held it there for a couple of miles and we caught our group fast(his ankle is sore now though). How much more do I have to tell you that this is a great place to bicycle?

In the town of Mt. Vernon, I saw my Dad talking to Bubba. He is shirtless with overalls, his teeth look like they have been filed down, he's wearing a cap with a fish hook skewered in the bill, but he has a heart of gold. Bubba gave us the inside scoop on whats down the road and possible weather at the summit of a climb we had planned to tackle today. We made the decision to go to John Day and camp for the night at the Grant County Fairgrounds and rest up. Everybody was real hungry and we enjoyed dinner at Outpost Pizza (two thumbs way up). Ron set up some hammocks, Griffin led us on a wood gathering expedition and Zach entertained us with his fire making skills.

We only logged 64 miles today, but we have been in too much of a hurry. This is probably my only shot at this and I want to savor it.
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