Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Downhill From Here!





Leaving Minden, Ron & I stumbled upon a fun run the community organized. It was great to see families and friends celebrating a run in memory of someone special. A girl of 4 or younger was running to the finish line and everyone was cheering her on. She was adorable, smiling and sweating as her mom hugged her when she completed the one-mile run and I teared up. It made me think of Christ greeting us at the finish that's LOVE.

The day was perfect for cycling. It wasn't long and we entered California once again and admired Topaz Lake as we descended a twisty road. Tim had to buggywhip Ron for some reason...maybe he drank Tim's coffee. Right after one of our climbs, my cyclocomputer showed 1000 miles traveled...a milestone for both of us! There were three passes to conquer and the highest was Conway Summit @ 8138'. I obviously punished Ron with my speed, because he collapsed in the snow.

The mountains here are big and close. They are amazing to ride over, through and around. Just look at the sky. It was a hard day, but an epic one. This stage has been in the back of my mind as the toughest one...and I did it! 93 miles.
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