Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memorium

Before leaving for THE RIDE, I was inspired by the life of Patrick Tillman. I read "Where Men Win Glory", by one of my favorite authors Jon Krakauer and a book written by Mary Tillman, Pat's mother. While I disagree with their political analysis of world events at that time, Krakauer's depiction of Tillman's life was inspiring. Pat knew how to squeeze the most out of his short life and had a strong commitment to our country, so much so that he abandoned the NFL to serve in the Army Rangers. He wanted to be treated the same as every other soldier, even though he had amassed impressive credentials before enlisting. He died a tragic death from 'friendly fire'...he is a hero in my eyes.

This morning I rode up to the Veterans Cemetery, as I do every Memorial Day, to visit my father-in-law. He served in the Air Force during WWII and like so many of his generation, married in the 1940's, started a family and built a life. His youngest daughter is my wonderful wife. Elmer, thank you for serving this blessed nation. You were an honorable man.

I urge you to read about the founding of this great nation, turn off your TV and educate yourself about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist writings. You will then begin to understand freedom, the price it cost and how much of it has eroded. Today especially, I want to thank the soldiers who died in defense of our country. Thank you.