Thursday, May 6, 2010

Washington Is Behind Us


We left Othello this morning under threatening skies and a slight headwind. Within 40 miles we were in sun and peeling off layers as we admired a cropduster flying 5 feet off the ground. After lunch, we followed the Columbia River on a smooth two lane highway that had a lot less traffic than this morning. The Gorge is just as scenic here as near Multnomah Falls with a set of train tracks 30 feet away.

When we pulled over at the 'Welcome to Oregon' sign, we all had a sense of accomplishment in what we had just achieved...crossing the state of Washington. I was really happy for John and Zach: father and son working together towards a common goal. I plan on Griffin & I doing something like this together someday.

Ron, first photo, is our coach and he works the hardest. He has the strongest legs, is looking out for us and calls out for traffic coming from behind. It was determined the first day of the ride if a large truck with a pilot car were oncoming and traffic coming from behind, we would just PARK on the side of the road. Well, that came in handy today when a windmill tower section was coming at us, a diesel train was roaring by and a truck coming up behind. Ron yelled 'PARK' a couple times and we did. That was kinda sketchy!

As we entered Hermiston, a trio of bison were startled by us cyclists. I was so hungry at the time and a buffalo burger made me salivate, but Ron's salsa and Dad's burritos took care of the matter handily.

Rich rented a hotel room tonight (his wife is coming to visit) and we all showered and sat in the jacuzzi...just what we needed to finish the day right. Oh Yeah...97 miles but Zach may not be able to continue. His achilles tendon is very sore. Say a prayer for him...I want him to finish the whole thing.
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