Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's For Real Now!


The day began at 4:45. We ate breakfast, packed and rolled out by 6:15. Everyone admired the route we would later pedal from the comfort of Dad's truck. All six riders discussed a variety of details: Weather, climbs, equipment, food, breaks and more. By the time we reached the border, the anticipation of actually riding was maxed out. Look how jazzed everyone is....

The ride from the Canada border crossing to Bridgeport State Park was 82 miles. We went fast, too fast for a ride this long, averaging 17.5 mph. The temperature was 54 degrees at the start and we had a perfect tailwind. When we stopped for a snack at 44 miles, our average speed was 19 mph. The wind was the big factor today with it changing directions, even hitting us straight on, slowing us to 11 on the flats.

When we pulled up to our campsite, the trailer was set up and the spaghetti was almost ready to eat. After a long, hot shower, I felt great. All in all, everyone had a good start to this ride across the country.
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